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The 'VividPast' effect

Recent research shows that VividPast activities

  • make visitors happier,

  • provide more education and entertainment,

  • increase visitor engagement,

  • change visitor behaviours positively, and

  • leave a longer-lasting memory (at least a year after their visit)

than other forms of interpretation.

Your organization will gain added value from VividPast. I create the ‘mental furniture’ that helps your visitors swiftly understand all about you. I share my research with you for your future use. VividPast gives your team a lasting legacy of resources and enthusiasm.

We’ll sit comfortably together and talk like old friends. We might sing something together, or play a board-game, or learn a dance. Your visitors will never forget this: the day they talked to a real person from long ago.  

Some visitors prefer to learn by watching, or listening, or having a go.

VividPast does all this – then adds more. Spectators become participators who care. 

Visitors will be personally engaged with your venue.

Gently drawn into conversation with me, they can ask me everything they really want to know – no-one feels shy with me. And they find that I’m interested in them, too. I’ll ask your guests to explain the 21st century to me – that’s when we really learn! 

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