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English Civil War

Short of time? Your learners need to grasp the issues in an hour. Let me:

  • appear noisily in your teaching area, with hurdy-gurdy, asking for money

  • talk with your audience, answering all their questions in character, with humour and with emotion

  • sing a ballad printed during the Civil War

  • explain the words, produce letterpress copies for everyone, discuss it and sing it again

  • ask your learners what preparations they are making against the War

  • join them in their break, and continue conversing in character.


Georgian makeovers

Why should dressing-up just be for the children? Perhaps your benefactors, staff or older adult learners would like an educational morning in a Georgian salon

  • helping a chatty lady choose her outfit for the day

  • finding out about cosmetics, drinks and food

  • looking at broadside ballads and almanacs

  • learning to sing a suitable ballad – or possibly an unsuitable one!

  • making their own ‘coffee house’ for the gentlemen

  • trying on clothes, talking about prices, economics, social gatherings, family life

  • putting on make-up, hats and beauty spots.

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