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Shakespeare's landlady finally speaks

Did Shakespeare enjoy extra dough balls with his pizza? Or cake on his birthday? Don't ask me - ask his landlady. Ann Underhill of the Golden Cross Inn, Oxford, has every reason to know. Her family leased the three buildings which hosted Shakespeare and his Kings Men theatre company regularly.

In the year 1600, Ann is 50 and bringing up seven children while managing a busy Inn on Oxford's Cornmarket. The bard is 36 and at the busiest part of his career. Come with Ann upstairs, above the rowdy alehouse, through the more upmarket wine bar, to a secluded chamber with sensuous painted walls...

...and if you want to know what really happened here in 1600, just pop in to Pizza Express at the Golden Cross, Oxford on Saturday 21st April. To celebrate Shakespeare's birthday weekend, Mistress Underhill will be giving away 2-for-1 meals and free tours of her Inn. Book now at

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