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'the past came alive tonight'

"Such a wonderful experience that I will always remember. Incredible research – it is brilliant to see such in-depth research into women’s social history. The experience with Mistress James was so immersive and moving (I was almost in tears). Naomi had an air of confidence, calm and friendliness throughout. Thank you!"

Great audience response to 'The Librarian's Wife', performed 2nd December 2017 in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Amazingly, I was given the beautiful medieval Duke Humfrey's Library as a performance space. It's a real working library and a highly secure room full of precious books - it's also where the real Librarian and his wife played out their own drama in 1619. What a privilege to recreate scenes from a forbidden marriage, 400 years later, in the very place where they happened!

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